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Happy Easter 4/20/2014

By: DarkKilla


Happy St. Patrick's Day 2014

By: DarkKilla

[code>Photo From st-patricks-day.com[/code>

BC2 "Takeover" Night "03-12-14"

By: DarkKilla

16th Week...
The event will be held on any server available at the time. This event is meant to be fun for all players and as a change of pace to our regular set of game's that we play. We will be playing any set of maps including the Vietnam expansion. Again "All Are Welcome" to join, Please join us on TS3 during the event so we can get the party started. Any questions or comments about the event or Date/Time Please post them here. Thank You. :salute:


Wed, Mar. 12, 2013 "New Day, Was Sunday's..."

Time: 9:00 pm EDT

Where: Pubbing, On Any Server we choose.

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